We learn when we stop.

We learn when we look.

We understand when we see.

Mind On France comes from my experiences practicing yoga and meditation in the Berkshires
and deep in southwestern France, walking distance of the Dordogne River and its meditative environs.

By slowing down and embracing silence, I experience serendipity: the ability to see things differently.

Each photo was made while walking, camera in hand or never very far away, at the ready, in a jacket pocket.
All photos are in their natural state, composed and cropped in the camera. I use the camera to create a canvas of serene shapes, colors and textures.

I make photos that are my primary viceral expression, stimulated from a simple reaction, “wow!”

The “wow” factor comes from an inner place that I have been able to tap into more successfully through practicing yoga and meditation. It is a lovely, fully conscious “altered” state, one of calm resolve, wonder and most of all, pure delight from within.

A great many friends have encouraged me with their enthusiasm for my process and my photos. I have decided to make them available as inspiration, armchair travel, and simple visual pleasure. I hope they will stimulate you, to practice, to walk, to travel, to paint, or to take your own photos.

I invite each of you to sit quietly to begin, and get comfortable with your own inner silence. Then, once you stop and look, you will see that the “wow” factor is everywhere. Make friends with it, and what you experience.

And to enhance your discovery process, I invite you to join us for a metavacances adventure, deep in the Perigord region of France. Visit our sister website for further information. Experience this wonderful landscape for yourself.

You may order photos or giclee prints on line with your credit card via Paypal.

or with a check or money order to the following address:
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Meta Vacances/Mind on France
PO BOX 537
Great Barrington, MA USA

Any questions? Email them to: photo@mindonfrance.com
or call: 413.229.0155

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