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I remember this day well. We drove for an hour, dropped the car in Marquay, and headed out on a randonee to Tamnies, where our reward after 9kms or so, was a 3 course fixed price lunch… I am salivating thinking about the fresh salad to begin and the walnut icecream soufflee to end.

At the point this was taken, we were a touch lost. Molly ran ahead to ask about the route, I tried to keep Slaine and Fanny away from the moutons and other dogs at the house where we stopped to inquire. Fatigue was setting in, we were a touch late, close to 12:30 with our reservaiton at 1. Molly apologized for moving the troops along. But in the end, we were lusciously rewarded with a fabulous calorie deserved lunch. I have this lovely image to remember one of many wonderful and enchanting experiences hiking in my beloved Dordogne. Offered to you here, as armchair travel, from the snowy Berkshires.

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